Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Scrappin' Highlights from our June 2010 Weekend Scrapbook Retreat!

We had our first June Weekend Scrapbook Retreat and although I was worried that we moved our normal May Retreat to June and with Graduations and the summer quickly approaching, we still had a great turn out! A total of 42 scrappers! We had more new Scrappers that attended then loyal scrappers and I believe a good time was had by all!

My favorite part about our weekends is that I get to meet exciting new scrappers, visit and laugh with our loyal bunch and view all of the wonderful, creative scrapbook layouts and card creations. I’m always amazed at all the great talent we have each event! I was able to Scraplift many great ideas! I just can’t wait to use the ideas myself!

At each of our retreats we love to acknowledge our hard working scrappers! This retreat was no exception; we had rewards for our Late Night Scrappin Queen, our Layout Queen and our BINGO Scrappin Queen.

As always we award our Late Night Scrapping Queen Awards to our die hard scrappers. We had a true competition between the two rooms. Our new scappers Lori, Lisa and Stephanie were real contenders. Lisa arrived at our retreat at 4:00 on Friday and didn’t sleep until Sunday morning at 1:00am! That’s a total of 39 consecutive scrappin hours! Way to go….I would have been totally exhausted but she was a great sport and kept the coffee flowing! Our 2nd scrappin room was no exception; we had 4 late, late, late nighters. Rebecca, Dawn, Abby and Nikki, that took full advantage of their time away. Dawn logged at total of 32 scrappin hours while Rebecca, Abby and Nikki were close behind. You gals must have to have a day after the retreat to catch up on your sleep! Way to go die hards!

We had quite a few scrapper bees at this event and I’m still amazed at how many layouts they were able to complete. They must be very organized, having each page setup ready with pictures, paper and layouts already in mind! Geriann was once again our reining Layout Queen with a total of 81 completed pages! Judy was close behind with 69! One day, someone is going to give Geriann a run for her money, I mean, T-Shirt! ;) I’m so glad you were able to get so much accomplished.

Scrappin BINGO is always a hit! It’s getting harder and harder to come up with interesting squares! Our BINGO Scrappin Queen award goes to Glenda Potter! She was the first to complete her BINGO Card early on Saturday! I’m gonna have to come up with more challenging squares! Maybe I should up the Loyalty Square to 6 retreats! ;)

Although I would love to be able to sit with each scrappin group for hours, unfortunately the weekend’s fly by and I find that I don’t have enough time to speak with everyone long enough personally! I would like to mention a few scrappin moments that I found interesting….We had two Prego scrappers this event, and get this, they are both named Lori, spelled just that way, due both around the same time! We had to take advantage of this photo op by taking a photo of our two scrappin Prego’s! I wish them both the best of luck with their pregnancies’ and we look forward to seeing all the baby pictures soon! Lori D. is due in September and she is still scheduled to attend our September Retreat….I just hope baby D is willing to wait and let Mom have one final scrappin weekend before joining us…you never know….we may have our first Scrappin’ Baby!

It’s a small, small world….a new scrappin’ friend that was referred by one of our loyal scrappers was scrappin away at preserving her son’s 8th Grade trip to Washington D.C. at our retreat. As she was scrappin away, she noticed that one of the chaperones in the picture looked very similar to me! Low and behold, it was me! I was the chaperone on her son’s/my daughters 8th Grade trip to Washington D.C. and our children are mutual acquaintances! Even one better, our son’s are on the same baseball team THIS SEASON! How odd is that…it truly is a small, small world!

I wanted to create a new level of excitement by introducing a new scrapping game to our weekend retreats. While we understand that our scrappers join our retreats to focus on scrappin, we do try to provide some level of excitement! While we don’t dance on the tables, every once and a while we do engage in a fun activity. This retreat, once or twice a day we would play “Show me a picture”, a new Scrappin’ game I discovered on the internet. For each room, we would announce a scene in which the scrapper would have to produce a picture that represented that scene…i.e. A 1st Birthday Cake, A person in their graduation cap, a picture of someone on a boat…etc. While I was hoping that the scrappers would enjoy this new addition to our retreats, they relished in the competition. Each picture was worth a different amount of FREE Raffle tickets and they had a blast searching through their stash of pictures. We even had a “WIPEOUT” in one of our scrappin rooms as the ladies were running to show me their pictures. After that, I decided that the first to raise their picture would be the winner, with many consolation prizes being awarded! Yes, Geriann, I’m talking about YOU! Heather, I hope you are feeling better!

We held a layout contest utilizing FREE product that we gave to our attendees! (Participation is not necessary, otherwise the product is yours to keep and use.) While we usually go with creating a similar theme, this time around it was a free for all and we awarded BONUS Raffle tickets for the best Layout Awards utilizing the freebies we provide at our retreat.

Each scrapper has the opportunity to submit and vote for a winner. Our 1st place winner was Jennifer Smith.

We had a tie for 2nd place with the award going to Nikki and Tami. Great job gals!

We also had our new Weekend Scrapbook Retreat T-shirts that were available for purchase. I believe that these shirts were a big hit and I appreciate everyone that purchased a shirt. Hopefully soon, we will have a “Caribbean Sea Blue” room full of T-shirt wearers! Check em out! We will have these available on our site soon too!

Lately, it seems that we have had a birthday celebration at each of our retreats to celebrate and this retreat was no exception….our Birthday Scrapper in June was Geriann! I hope you had a great Birthday celebration!

Our Sunday Raffle event was also a great success! We offer FREE Raffle Gifts to all our raffle ticket earners. While we did have a new raffle drawer, my niece Payton Walter was in town to pick our winners, we had a great drawing event. It never fails that at each retreat we always have one great winner that happens to win a majority of our raffles and this retreats was no exception, our lucky repeat raffle winner was Jennifer Smith! It seems like every other drawing her name was drawn! You never know who will win the raffles, sometimes it’s the scrapper that has earned/won the most tickets, while other times the winner of the least tickets comes out our winner!

Insert Drum Roll here…………Our Lucky Raffle Winners were:

Reminisce Easter Paper and Sticker Collection: Bonnie P

Reminisce St. Patty Day Paper and Sticker Collection: Abby S.

Martha Steward Paper Pack: Dawn M.

K&Company Specialty Paper Pack: Glenda P.

K&Company Scrap Pad: Glenda P.

Creative Options Ribbon Holder: Dawn M.

 Creative Options Shoulder Paper Organizer: Alice S.

Creative Options Photo Box Organizer: Christine R.

Scrap Cabana Weekend Scrapbook Retreat T-shirt: Jennifer S.
30 Minute Massage at our September Retreat: Jennifer S.

Cricket Cartridge Wild Card: Jennifer S.

50% Weekend Scrapbook Retreat: Donna S.

FREE September Weekend Scrapbook Retreat: Dawn K.

We also combined all the Raffle Tickets from every container for a GRAND Prize Drawing: FREE September Weekend Scrapbook Retreat: Jennifer S.

CONGRATS to all our Raffle Winners!

My daughter, Jordan was on the Relay for Life committee this year and since she has been working hard for the past year on creating awareness, generating interest and donations, we held a special Relay for Life drawing! We raffled away a Scrapbook Tote worth over $150.00 of scrapbook products and goodies! Tickets were $3.00 for one or $5.00 for two and we raised a total of $200 for Relay for Life! Our lucky winner was Glenda Potter! Great job Jordan and a BIG Thank you to all our Relay Raffle participants!

Thank you to all our loyal returning scrappers and our new scrappin’ friends that have joined our crazy group! For each retreat that you attend with The Scrap Cabana, you are given a Loyal Scrapper button! We are seeing lots of lanyards with multiple buttons and we appreciate that you choose to join us for our weekends!

Check out all the information regarding our 2010 and 2011 Weekend Scrapbook Events! I’m confident that you will enjoy our events and we welcome new scrappin buddies to join our rapidly growing scrappin family.

We already have 46 scrappers registered for our September themed “SURVIVOR” Cabana Crop and it’s only JUNE! Space is limited to 75 scrappers and we are well on our way to filling up! Click here to view all the information on our site. You can also download our flyer and registration form by clicking here. Be sure to sign up soon as our spots are going fast! Since we missed National Scrapbook Day in May, we are honoring the event at our September Retreat! We have lots of fun planned and we hope it will be our biggest yet! Our Grand Prize Raffle is a 12x12 Cricut Cutting Machine! Hopefully we will scrap with you soon! Check out all our photos from our events on our Facebook Fan Page!

Until our next chitchat…..Happy Scrappin!

The Scrap Cabana